Small Changes

Living in London has been a bit of a dream for a justice-conscious woman like me, especially when my main personal purchases lie along the lines of chocolate and coffee. There is so much fair-trade or otherwise certified choices on the shelves, way more than my home country of America. Sometimes even the cheapest option is fair-trade. These facts give me encouragement…if such a thing is possible in the UK, it is possible in other places as well. Somewhere along the line, someone must have spoken up for justice in this country, and it made a difference. Together, we can make a difference too.

While I haven’t had time to research consumer ethics lately, I found some old notes summing up some “small changes” that I can keep in mind to continually walk out this justice thing in my daily life. Hopefully these thoughts will be fuel for your justice journey as well. Do you have anything to add to this list?

Small Changes
1. Look at products available from sites that work directly with underprivileged workers, and buy those kinds of products there (bags, scarves, jewelry, some clothes, cards)
2. Write letters/make phone calls to leading retailers and chocolate producers, urging them to increased responsibility throughout their supply chain
3. Consider giving towards micro-loans that give a chance for poor entrepreneurs to start a self-supporting business
4. Pray for those exploited around the world, and be willing to advocate on their behalf
5. Love your neighbor, both near and far away
6. Consider buying some food products fair trade, especially chocolate and coffee, where fair pay is so crucial to small farmers
7. Simplify: buy better, not more
8. Shop thrift stores, exchange clothes with friends
9. Don’t buy distressed jeans except from a company that has banned sand-blasting


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