While reading a book on discipling nations I came across an amazing story that shows Biblical justice at work. A small thing that one man chose to do has impacted an entire street-children culture. Read on and be inspired that one person can make a real difference:

“While on business in a major African city, this [Swedish] businessman was awakened in the middle of the night. He could not get back to sleep and felt that God was urging him to go for a walk. As soon as he stepped out onto the street, little boys selling candy surrounded him. They slept on the street in hope of a chance night sale. These children were destitute; every penny counted. The businessman struck up a conversation with the boys and with one in particular named David. He asked them how they lived and unraveled a tale of poverty, near starvation, homelessness, and slavery by any other name. The boys’ owner gave them candy and sent them out into the street to sell it. They received 15 percent of their sales. This income barely kept them from starving.

[This businessman] found that the value of their box of candy was approximately fifteen American dollars. He told the boys that he was a Christian and a follower of Jesus and that Jesus cared about their condition and wanted to help them. He asked David whether he could live better if he sold his own candy and could keep the profits. The boy responded that he would have more than enough. [This Swedish man] made a proposal to the boy: he would give him fifteen dollars to buy his own candy. When David started making extra money he agreed to save. When he had fifty dollars he would help the next boy buy his own candy and that boy would then do the same and so forth. The eager positive response was clear. He gave David the fifteen dollars and left.

Some months later a letter arrived in Sweden with the news from David that all the boys now owned their own candy. All the boys [this Swedish man] had met that night had enough to eat and places to stay. All the boys were now Christians, going to church and were now helping other children get off the street. This is biblical economics: generosity, self-reliance, independence, responsibility, and multiplication all in one.”
From “An Introduction to the Old Testament Template” by Landa Cope


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