Justice Around the Corner

It was all a fluke. I should have been working on my usual media department tasks, but instead I was assigned to scrub silicone off of toilets. As a result I met one of two women pioneering a human trafficking ministry in my area. It was a divine moment, but that has become my new normal. Everywhere I go, God pursues me with the theme of justice, and the theme is growing louder.

Everywhere I look I see it. I go to the grocery store and discover UTZ certified coffee on sale. I walk to the petrol station with a friend for ice-cream and see a Rainforest Alliance label on the Magnum bar. I go on a field trip to a chocolate factory and my school leader, who is from Nigeria, starts sharing about the cycle of poverty facing chocolate farmers in his part of the world. A co-worker tells me that his t-shirt was made to help orphans in Indonesia. I became aware of things that are just and good, and now I see them everywhere.

Everyone has a slightly different vision, but each is so beautiful. One of my class-mates has a passion to bring transformation into the area of sex trafficking in the States. She has the documentary “Sex and Money” and has watched it with various groups of people three times in the last week alone. She is only 20, and has already pioneered an awareness and action group in her home-town and has worked with several other ministries with similar focus. Another room-mate dreams of using music and song-writing to bring awareness and change to different injustices, and to heal the wounds of the broken. Yesterday I interviewed a girl studying Primary Healthcare and without being prompted she said she “had a deep heart for injustice and was learning through her school how to solve injustice issues.” I made a new friend in the media department, and he shared his plan to start with one poor village (using healthcare) and see change happen there. “If everyone who was able helped one village, the world would be different.” During tea break in class today I found myself discussing the short-comings of T-shirts that start shaped as boxes and then shrink upwards and outwards. We made a plan. We would start a company that made shirts that were long and thin and utilized fair labor. Meet a need of the consumer, pair it with a need of the poor. Brilliance.

Justice is just around the corner. Once you know what you are looking for, it will pursue you, lie in wait for you. I am becoming convinced that if you want it, God will give you a personal-sized portion of the solution. Just hold out your hands and ask for it.


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