Faith and Justice

After numerous google searches on various justice related topics, it’s refreshing to come across a justice site specific to the Christian faith. The most common resources to come up are more liberal in their basic philosophy. There was a time when believers were most known by outsiders for their acts of compassion. Now it is the secular humanist or “green” activist who seems to be at the forefront of caring for the downtrodden and fighting on their behalf. But the winds are changing; Christians are moving more and more into the center of the whirlwind. And while justice issues can feel like a current fad, because justice is a heart-beat of scripture and a heart-beat of God, I believe that Christians have the home-field advantage when it comes to taking this vision long-term. We have the hope that our small efforts can become bigger because we have faith in a God who can beat impossible odds. And in the face of massive injustice, hope is one of the biggest plays in the book. Let’s play it well!image

Want some fresh food for faith and thought? Check out the World Vision Acts website or their Faith and Justice blog.   


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