A Little Taste of Hope in the Clothing Industry

I came across some encouragement today, a new start-up worker run clothes-factory cooperative. It’s called No Chains, run by former sweat-shop laborers in Thailand and Argentina. If the world saw more initiatives like this, my job to live justly would be much easier.

Read more about the factory here: http://www.nochains.org/home.htm#.TnID_qizmR8

Sweat-shop victim Maria Velazquez was promised a job with dignity and given a bus ticket from her home in Bolivia to Buenos Aires, Argentina. What she found there was a far cry from what she expected: She was forced to sew 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, and was given $25 a month. Her son slept under her sewing table during the day; she slept in the factory hallway at night and was rarely allowed outside. Learn more about Maria’s story and how she found a way out at CNN’s Freedom Project site.



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