The Three “Big C’s”

So I’m thinking I’ll start my research focus on the three “Big C’s” – Clothing, Coffee and Chocolate. When it comes to poverty, slavery and unjust practices, these are near the top of the list. They are also three things that are part of my daily life, therefore even more important that I figure out some good choices. I prefer to enjoy my mochas and clothing without the tinge of slavery. We’ll see what we can find.

For starters, here’s an on-line clothing store that’s fair-trade and my first impression is a pretty good one:


One thought on “The Three “Big C’s”

  1. Hi Megan,

    I’m a student in Australia and I just started a social campaign called TheNewStandard. It’s promoting good and ethical consumer choices and I am inviting people to share their stories and struggles when shopping ethical.

    I came across your blog and was inspired by your stories and your efforts. I was wondering if you wanted to contribute to the blog or maybe make some Facebook posts where you can share some of your knowledge and your thoughts.

    I’ve already re-bloged one of your stories on chocolate. In the coming weeks I’ll be looking into coffee, clothing, cosmetics etc

    If you’r interested, you can check out the blog:

    Or contact me/post straight onto:

    Kind regards,


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